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There are many ways to enable the Windows auto startup program. In this tutorial, we will learn the most comfortable and effective way to allow MT4/MT5 automatic startup. We hope from the above video tutorials you got a basic understanding of it.

So let’s start:

  • First, download the Auto Login software. This software will automatically log in to your VPS if your VPS takes any restart.
  • Install Auto Login soft and activate it by providing your VPS credentials that are supplied by FxVPS Inc.
  • Now we have to find the Auto Startup folder to add a program for automatic startup. So press Win+R from your keyboard.
  • RUN window will open then type shell:startup and press ENTER.

How to enable MT4 Auto Startup Program

  • Windows Startup folder will open and you can take a short cut of this folder and keep it in your VPS desktop. You need to pest your MT4 short cut in this folder.

auto startup

  • If you want to keep 2 MT4 short cuts in this folder, then that 2 MT4 will be open automatically if your VPS takes any sudden restart.

All done!


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