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Ultra Fast Execution Speed

Trading with FxSVPS Latency Optimized VPS’s can significantly improve trading results compared to trading at home or office PC. Automated trading programs requires 100% uptime and lightning execution speed in order to work efficiently, and that’s exactly what we provide.

The terms “Latency” is very well known and widely used especially in the field of Forex Trading and financial market. Now a day’s Forex Trader hosting their MT4 and other trading software in a remote server where they can get optimized latency, high-speed trade execution and to keep MT4 24 hours open. If you want to boost your trade execution speed then there is no alternative of high latency optimized VPS or Server. Faultless business execution with ultra high speed demands the lowest latency. To maintain the high speed and lower latency you must need a VPS or Server provider that can provide you service accordingly. In FxSVPS we have the server in different major business hubs like New York, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Montreal, Poland, Germany and Australia backed by the most updated hardware support system.

To eliminate the slippage and slow execution or slippage you must need to have a perfect VPS with the exact location from your Forex Broker. In this section, we added several broker latency tables comparing different server location. Please check it and contact our support system if you need any assistance regarding this.


Ultra Fast Execution Speed

Latency Table

Broker NameLondon (UK)NewYork (USA)Montreal (Canada)Amsterdam (Nedarlands)Order Server
ACTIV TRADES5 ms102 ms100 ms2 msOrder VPS
ADMIRAL MARKETS2 ms78 ms68 ms5 msOrder VPS
ADS Securities1 ms65 ms78 ms8 msOrder VPS
Advanced Markets88 ms1 ms9 ms80 msOrder VPS
ATC Brokers110 ms10 ms18 ms98 msOrder VPS
AvaTrade77 ms12 ms18 ms88 msOrder VPS
Axiory8 ms88 ms66 ms9 msOrder VPS
AxiTrader88 ms2 ms12 ms69 msOrder VPS
BMFN2 ms77 ms67 ms9 msOrder VPS
Citi FX Pro72 ms3 ms12 ms67 msOrder VPS
Core Liquidity Markets1 ms88 ms69 ms8 msOrder VPS
Currenex78 ms3 ms12 ms66 msOrder VPS
DC (Different Choice)90 ms3 ms14 ms78 msOrder VPS
Dukascopy9 ms88 ms69 ms18 msOrder VPS
ECM Trader2 ms88 ms67 ms22 msOrder VPS
Exness8 ms77 ms66 ms2 msOrder VPS
FBS12 ms88 ms67 ms17 msOrder VPS
FinFX88 ms4 ms14 ms76 msOrder VPS
Forex Club78 ms3 ms12 ms66 msOrder VPS
FOREX.com82 ms8 ms12 ms79 msOrder VPS
Fx Choice12 ms98 ms78 ms25 msOrder VPS
FxNet9 ms88 ms69 ms18 msOrder VPS
FXCM88 ms3 ms9 ms69 msOrder VPS
FXDD88 ms8 ms18 ms71 msOrder VPS
FxNet9 ms88 ms69 ms18 msOrder VPS
FXOptimax88 ms8 ms19 ms80 msOrder VPS
FXPIG90 ms8 ms19 ms78 msOrder VPS
FXPrimus8 ms88 ms66 ms17 msOrder VPS
GBE brokers7 ms80 ms66 ms14 msOrder VPS
GCI Financial9 ms88 ms63 ms14 msOrder VPS
GKFX5 ms90 ms69 ms11 msOrder VPS
Global Prime96 ms9 ms19 ms77 msOrder VPS
GO Markets7 ms122 ms99 ms18 msOrder VPS
IC Markets86 ms3 ms12 ms77 msOrder VPS
IG7 ms102 ms89 ms15 msOrder VPS
InstaForex (EU)7 ms99 ms88 ms16 msOrder VPS
InstaForex (US)97 ms7 ms13 ms88 msOrder VPS
Interactive Brokers10 ms103 ms99 ms18 msOrder VPS
Invast6 ms69 ms69 ms11 msOrder VPS
IronFX7 ms121 ms111 ms19 msOrder VPS
JFD Brokers97 ms12 ms18 ms88 msOrder VPS
LiteForex7 ms99 ms79 ms19 msOrder VPS
LMAX6 ms111 ms102 ms12 msOrder VPS
Markets.com3 ms100 ms99 ms11 msOrder VPS
Oanda99 ms12 ms17 ms81 msOrder VPS
OctaFX17 ms102 ms89 ms17 msOrder VPS
Pepperstone79 ms3 ms12 ms68 msOrder VPS
ProfiForex87 ms10 ms19 ms67 msOrder VPS
RoboForex9 ms102 ms93 ms18 msOrder VPS
Swissquote8 ms100 ms89 ms15 msOrder VPS
Synergy FX7 ms122 ms99 ms18 msOrder VPS
Tallinex4 ms112 ms99 ms13 msOrder VPS
Tickmill7 ms122 ms99 ms18 msOrder VPS
Traders Way9 ms98 ms77 ms15 msOrder VPS
Vantage FX4 ms77 ms65 ms11 msOrder VPS
XM2 ms82 ms65 ms9 msOrder VPS
XTrade8 ms92 ms65 ms14 msOrder VPS
Yadix7 ms109 ms99 ms12 msOrder VPS

NOTE: This is a basic latency test report that we have prepared according to our server location and it may vary time to time as it always depends on server response time. So we never guarantee you that you will get the same latency that gets in our website. If latency is a very important issue for you then please check it before placing an order with us.