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Evaluate Virtual Private Servers to other hosting types!

Evaluate Virtual Private Servers (VPS) to other hosting types

With all the hosting choices existing, it can be confusing what type of hosting may be right for you. In this article, we will highlight the benefits of a VPS hosting account when compared to shared hosting and dedicated servers in an effort to provide you a clearer picture of which may be right for you.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is measured as a smarter option compared to shared web hosting or a dedicated server. Now if a shared hosting account is not enough, and a dedicated server is too powerful or costly, then a VPS may be right for you. VPS technology allows numerous users to share the expense and hardware of one physical server split into independent sections without compromising performance. The server houses multiple VPS accounts that are all run independently of one another.

Shared web hosting allows numerous users and websites to be hosted under one operating system on a single server. In this shared situation, each user is affected by other user’s usage and website issues. The advantage of a VPS over a shared hosting account is that you are independent of other users and as a result will have a much more reliable hosting environment.

A VPS is a lot similar to a dedicated server in many ways. A dedicated server gives one user access to an entire server and all of its resources autonomously. Whereas a dedicated server is ideal for most users who want the reliability and resources, they are more costly. A VPS gives a user all of the profit of a dedicated server, without the high costs of a dedicated server and allows multiple users to share the expense of server hardware, without sacrificing privacy and performance.

A VPS is a great resolution for anyone who wants the benefits and reliability of a dedicated server, without the high expense of a dedicated server or the headaches of a shared hosting account.

Reason VPS getting a modern escort for Forex traders

Now if you’re asking by hand, “do I need a VPS?” then I’m guessing you’re comparatively new to trading and someone you trust has said you need it.

Hence … should you get a VPS?

The reaction depends on what sort of trading you do. For the inexperienced, VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. Which is in fact just a visualized way of saying a cloud based desktop PC.

Imagine a PC with the same familiar Windows desktop you’re accustomed to, located in a datacentre elsewhere in the world. To access this PC you would log into it using your local machine’s remote desktop option (type “remote desktop” into your start menu to find the gateway).


What is the compensation of trading Forex using a VPS?

In order of importance:

To ensure your MT4 platform stays online. It reduces the risk of loss as of power outages or internet disconnections. Constantly look for a VPS provider that guarantees 100% uptime.

Faster trade execution. By using a VPS in a similar location as your broker, you’re able to open and close trades much faster than would otherwise be possible.

Assistance setting up your automated software. Several VPS companies will help you install indicators or EA’s if you get stuck.


These benefits only apply if you’re trading using a robot or EA.

There is no benefit to clicking buy/sell inside your virtual private server. Think about the time it takes to click your mouse, then the signal to be sent from your PC to your VPS at the datacentre and then to the market will be slightly slower than if you’d opened the order directly on your local PC.

Now the only time a virtual private server is useful is when you are relying on software to trade, or manages your trades on your behalf.

Before going ahead with your Virtual Private Server, make sure you select one in a location that’s closest to your broker. To find your ideal location you can use the latency search tool here: https://www.fxsvps.com/latency-table/

FYI – “latency” is just a fancy word for the distance between the broker and datacentre

Make convinced your broker is listed and select the location with the lowest latency, preferably below 5ms (milliseconds).

3 Ladders to Unbeaten Forex Trading

Immediate start at Forex Trading often goes not the way one expected. There might be countless causes: a wrong approach to trading, working without a plan, defective equipment or online connection, intense emotions. Loads of traders lose their first account and only after that do the research, analyze their actions. Do you want to study how to avoid these mistakes and trade forex in an efficient manner? Study our tips, save time and money for the future winnings.

Choose the Right Goal

The first step is to determine your goals within the time frames. It helps you to uphold motivation, better organize the learning process and quickly get the desired results. For beginners, the best option is the goal that centered on the process, for advanced traders – outcome-oriented goals. Regardless of the goal category, the main purpose should be the development of the trader’s skills, strengthen the motivation, boost of confidence.

And only after you master all necessary techniques, get enough experience, you will understand what process you should follow to achieve your goal and could select the right forex trading strategies.

Set up VPS Server and Trading Platform

By a virtual private server (VPS) on home PC is an outstanding option for traders who want to have a stable online connection and continuous access to the trading account. VPS guarantee a stable working even in a case of some obstacles on their computer. It allows making sure that your settings are still working on the trading platform and your account is safe.

Unique solutions of Forex VPS hosting helps to optimize traders work. FXSVPS offer ready-to-go systems, so setting takes just a few minutes. After login into VPS, you can start setting up your forex trading platform. It can be popular MetaTrader, NinjaTrader, TradeStation, jForex, and others.

Build Your Personal Attitude

Approach for forex trader implies training personal such qualities as patience, discipline, objectivity. Letting your emotions to get on top means risking to have disappointing returns. Discipline will help you in those moments when the system spurs you into active action or when you should throw up the game. A superior solution would be to go back and revise your course of the trade. A fresh look helps you realize what is going on and make the right decision.

Forex trading is a vast number of methods and nuanced. And there is no one certain way how to trade. We can simply recommend you always stay calm and never lose money.

Reasons to Operate VPS For Trading!

Hello friends, if you only found yourself in Forex trading or decided to work from home PC, you are sure thinking about VPS hosting for Forex and remarkably their solutions for traders. To make VPS systems easier to recognize, we have prepared the short answers on questions: “what is VPS hosting?” and “how does it work?”

Now there are two types of hosting service – shared and dedicated servers. Dedicated hosting provides for client’s requirements entire server. Shared hosting includes lots of websites on the same server. VPS hosting is a cross among these two types. On the one hand, it allows you to share the cost with other users, on the other hand – it ensures you absolute control on your application.

A Forex VPS hosting is a virtual private server with individual server resources and operating systems, which are physically located in a hosting provider data centers. Setting up a VPS on a private computer allows you using these resources 24 hours per day. It is not just high-speed internet connection and data storage; it is the highest security level, stable and professional support.

How Does VPS Hosting Work?

In the process involves the dominant hardware, special equipment and a big team of professionals. The physically it consists of numerous modules, on which installed server software. Each constituent can function separately, independently from other units. After server software is installed, you will get someplace on the server’s resources like disk space, RAM, and CPU. The virtual private server works totally as a dedicated server. You will get root access to the server, full control over the system. It allows you to organize the VPS solution according to your needs. This way your data are protected beside any malicious program and cyber attack. Your application is able to work continuously, without any disruption.

The key trading requirements is a running 24/7 terminal. Trading FXSVPS systems simply solve it and provide you access to Remote Desktop Connection from any place at any time. Using a virtual private server offers the benefits of high dependability, high performance, security, and control. Due to the complete solutions for Forex traders, it is widely used by traders all over the words for more safe and stable trading.

The Reward of Expert Advisor trading via VPS

Gets some advice about forex expert trading?

VPS is a Virtual Private Server to facilitate for Forex Automated Trading Systems. More than 50% of all traders use an expert advisor for trading automation, the kind of software that is also known as Automatic Trading Systems. Almost 25% of traders use VPS hosting that enhances operation.

The major benefit of using the VPS is that the Forex traders can use the hosting virtual environment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can sprint your Expert Advisors with no interruptions. No need to worry about keeping your PC enduringly on and you won’t reliant on the power supply.

Supply a quick calculation, to determine if your EA is profitable sufficient to cover VPS pricing. If this is so, then expert advisors’ profit will compensate for VPS expenses.

Hence, the VPS hosting service is available to any trader. The operating system of a server is especially optimized for trading and has pre-installed Trader’s software. Instantly your EA doesn’t dependent on your Internet provider, and there is no need to have your PC always on.

Let’s sum up the reward of VPS for EA trading:

  • Access to live account from any computer;
  • Independence from power supply and Internet provider;
  • Stable EA functioning.
  • If you can’t decide whether to use VPS or not, set up and test expert advisor on the demo, before you start using it for the real trade.

Why do you need a VPS trading server from us?

We offer dedicated servers for traders who require a fast and reliable platform. Following setup, you can connect to the remote desktop and monitor trades from any device and location. The general issues like reloading charts, filling in missing tick data, and even power outages will become nominal.

Some bonus reward of VPS trading not listed above:

  • Technical support 24/7;
  • High-speed bandwidth internet connection;
  • Ability to store files on your own online hard disk;
  • The direct IP address of VPS.


Which Operating System to Choose?

MetaTrader 4, also known as MT4 (get free Forex VPS), is a platform where foreign exchange agents transact online. It comes with two parts, one that is operated by the trader and an additional that the client uses to make their own trades on the stock exchange. Now brokers have a Virtual Private Server (VPS) that they use to manage the MT4 application so that clients do not have any problems placing their orders or keeping tabs on their investments. For the application to run smoothly, it requires an operating system. There are quite a few options to choose from that affect the running of the application in different ways. There is a newer edition of the application, MetaTrader5, but a large number of traders still rely on MT4 to do the job for them.


Operating systems:

There are wide selections of operating systems that are available on the market for the convenience of technology experts and lay people alike. They all have their solid points, but some work better than others when you are using MetaTrader4. This application was shaped to work with a Windows operating system. This means that it really is not companionable with any of the other operating systems like Mac or Linux, no MT4 version was made for them.

There are ways around this obstacle if push really comes to shove. With Linux, for example, you can use software called Wine to run MT4 and make it work. It is not very stable though and this will negatively affect the performance of MT4. A few parts of the programme may underperform or they may not work at all. One vital issue is that users may not be able to access the stock market, which then defeats the whole purpose of using MetaTrader4.

So which operating systems work best for MT4?

As has already been recognized, MetaTrader4 was made to work with a Windows operating system. Now for the purposes of this article, only Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise and Windows 2012 R2 Standard will be compared. They both run MT4 well, and so the question becomes which one of them provides an enhanced user experience all in all.

Microsoft Technical Support:

Microsoft releases operating systems virtually every year. Each one has some improvements above the one that came before. Windows 2012 R2 Standard is the version that was released following 2008 R2 Enterprise. Due to the fact that it is newer, 2012 R2 Standard will get better performance out of the MT4 application. In the event that there are any glitches that require fixing, the 2012 version has mainstream technical support that the 2008 version no longer has.

What conventional support means is that if there are any changes that are required in the operating system they could be made, as well as various upgrades and security modifications. Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise is no longer qualified for this mainstream support. Basically, that means that should there be any issues with running applications like MT4, any help that a client receives will have to be paid for. There are moreover no more upgrades that are available any longer for this operating system which means that if a loophole by hackers or malware is found it will not be resolved by way of a system upgrade.

An additional concern is that this technical support that customers have to pay for, also known as extended support, will be terminated for Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise in the year 2020. In light of this, it is evident that the security that this operating system offers for the use of applications that handle sensitive data such as MetaTrader4 is not long term. Windows 2012 R2 Standard, though, is still in its prime and will receive mainstream support for a decade. This means that must there be a glitch with the way that MT4 works on it, the customer care will help to come up with a resolution for free.

Specs for virtual usage:

Although MT4 was designed to work optimally with both Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise and Windows 2012 R2 Standard, the latter offers a client better usage. Virtual private servers are made to permit the use of several accounts at once and 2012 R2 Standard can better support this load while still offering high performance. The evidence speaks for itself. 2012 R2 Standard has 320 logical processors whilst 2008 R2 Enterprise has a relatively measly 64. The 2012 version has 32 times more disk competence than the 2008 version and almost 3 times more active virtual machines. While Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise has 1000 virtual machines, 2012 R2 Standard has a whopping 8000! MT4 thrives under these conditions.

Information security:

There is enhanced information protection, which is invaluable when dealing with sensitive client information such as that which is processed by MT4 whenever it is used. In the event that it is essential, 2012 offers better recovery options for lost data. There is more flexibility for the user with this server than there is with the 2008 version.


Eventually, when looking at both of these operating systems sides by side, Windows 2012 R2 Standard is the better operating system to use when running MetaTrader4.