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Customer Reviews


5.0 rating

I ordered the product and it was really delivered within an hour. None of any other Vps provider has delivered me so fast.

Simon Taylor
5.0 rating

I have to give a review because they solve any case like experts.
Even when I made mistakes they helped me to come out of it with full enthusiasm.
I like how they are dedicated. it’s rare to find business persons like them in this Pandemic.

5.0 rating

Their VPS is fast even on the lowest price you good configured one.
No delay in trading and FAQs.
Happy to work.

5.0 rating

Truly amazing service with these guys and lots of key features in this site.
I always hope to come back to them.

5.0 rating

I am looking forward to more business with them.
They served me well around annual plans. great job.

5.0 rating

The support team is always active and even resolves issues in real-time.
the best part is you can contact them via chat, calls, Facebook, etc…

5.0 rating

Cheap, fast, and best for trading. Over a year I am working with you all and I am always above expectations.
Thank you for taking care of your customers in such well mannered

5.0 rating

Good service and support from the backup team.
And the best part I can pay through any mode I wish.

5.0 rating

Great VPS service with good forex knowledge in it.
It is fully optimized for trading on Forex.

Robert Jr.
5.0 rating

it is really cheap and recommended from google ranking.
and it’s just easy to work with them.
Keep it up.

5.0 rating

Great performance of VPS and good support along.
Price was never an option while trading still they managed to make it cheaper,
I liked it very much!

5.0 rating

Best service, good quality VPS, and cheap plans.
that’s all I needed for trading.
Thank you.

5.0 rating

Well managed and cheap packages with lower latency.
No website is set in such a way.
Happy to do business with them.

5.0 rating

Great Service and I can say expert in VPS and FOREX.
Good job.

5.0 rating

Cheap and best VPS with quality of service and the best is quick support.
Highly secured VPS with lower latency and ping with optimized trading options.

5.0 rating

Fast and great optimized VPS here.
for games, trading and more
I tried many other but FXSVPS gave me the best results.

5.0 rating

When I contacted them for an order they helped me to choose the right one for the best price.
I am very happy with these guys! Tried many providers but these guys really care about their customers!
Highly recommended.

5.0 rating

Simple and valuable VPS hosting company with loads of features and great prices for it.
I am happy to be part of them since 2018. they always provided me with soft and quick resolutions.
I strongly recommend this company.

Trina donas
5.0 rating

Amazing VPS service and support with such price.
And real-time chat and services make me reliable.

5.0 rating

Genuinely a good website on the internet, With so much delicacy of knowledge about FOREX AND VPS HOSTING.
And truly an enthusiastic service from the support team back there on live chat and follow.