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5.0 rating

One of the best vps support service so far with live chat facilities and rewards

John walter
5.0 rating

A great recommendation from one of my friends, which lead me satisfaction and retention from any other VPS service.
Good job guys.

Louis Kent
5.0 rating

Secure VPS
Very good quality VPS. I have tested them compared to my regular provider and they have performed just as well. Set up very fast then I would have expected. Worth trying if you are really looking for new VPS.

‎David Leitch
5.0 rating

Nín de fúwù ràng wǒ duì wǒ de jiāoyì gèng yǒu xìnxīn, yīnwèi VPS zhèngcháng yùnxíng shíjiān shì wǒ fúwù zhōng zuì měimiào de shìqíng. Xièxiè nǐ, chéngwéi zhèyàng de rén.

Chéng Lóng
5.0 rating

First time VPS user
After reading the reviews and comparing VPS prices I have found that FXSVPS is one of the best platforms to deal with if not the best and being a first time user I am very pleased with the performance and the support I have received after registering an account and running my trading platform on the FXVM VPS. My EA has been running with no issues and with instant entries and exits.

John Jacob
5.0 rating

I am very happy with the service and the host, it seems to work well, was commissioned quickly, and i have been supported well, thank you, you have improved my opinion of VPS Services and I will recommend you to friends.

Braden Wilkerson
5.0 rating

Having tested and used other hosting services, i will really recommend RouterHosting anytime anyday. 100%. their service is second to none and their support…oh..so so great.. great people.. great service.

Javed iqbal
5.0 rating

Excellent service — I am very happy with these guys! Tried many providers but these guys really care about their customers!

John Engleman
5.0 rating

I will Recommend FXSVPS.COM for their excellent services, reliable spec of VPS/instance and Excellent and Friendly Customer Services. I got a problem about my VPS and i report to them and they response as fast they fixed it ,THUMBS UP for routerhosting.com nice job !!!

Par Cruz
5.0 rating

Lots of options to choose from, definitely one of the cheapest available. Depending on the location the hardware might differ a little. Especially with the cheapest option this can be something to watch for. The support desk is usually available to answer all questions within maximum a few hours.
I am very satisfied and currently have 9 different VPS’s running with them!

Martin Abele